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Who We Are

Leo Chemo Plast Pvt. Ltd. is a reputable and top distributor of chemical products in India, providing clients in a wide range of sectors with premium products and knowledgeable technical support. With more than 40 years of experience in the chemical distribution sector, we have made a name for ourselves as a dependable and informed partner for suppliers as well as clients. We are proud of our dedication to excellence, client satisfaction, and sector knowledge. We acquire our vast range of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, Polyurethane Polyether Polyols, Dimethylformamide, N Propyl Acetate, Adipic Acid, etc. from reliable and respected manufacturers globally, including adhesive, agrochemicals, construction, flavor and fragrance, paint and coating, pharmaceuticals, polyurethane, and many more.

Our skilled team of experts has the industry experience and technical know-how to deliver solutions that are specifically designed to satisfy each client's particular requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and provide professional advice and direction so they may get the best products and services available.

Apart from prioritizing quality and customer service, we are dedicated to advancing sustainability and ecologically conscious practices throughout all aspects of our business operations. We have made aggressive efforts to decrease trash and support eco-friendly activities since we understand how important it is to reduce our influence on the environment.


Providing premium chemicals and specialty chemical solutions is our primary objective. We work hard to satisfy our clients' needs by offering specialized goods and services that are designed to fulfill their expectations. Our experts are dedicated to delivering the best possible quality and client satisfaction. We take great satisfaction in acting as a dependable supplier for chemicals for companies of all sizes. Our team's mission is to help customers find the best solutions to their issues. Offering the greatest chemical solutions to our clients makes us happy, and we look forward to seeing their success.


Our goal is to become our clients' and suppliers' first option by offering them outstanding support and cutting-edge solutions. By upholding the highest standards of sustainability, safety, and quality in all we do, we hope to create long-term value. Our goal is to become a leader in the chemical distribution sector by pursuing excellence and promoting growth and advancement for the good of everybody. We're also willing to investigate strategic alliances and joint ventures that can advance our objectives and add more value.

Innovation and Dedication

We have become better at recognizing and meeting the various needs of our clients over time. We have a great deal of competence because of our contacts and industry knowledge. This is one of the key elements fostering our clients increasing trust in us. We have become one of the industry leaders because of our creative and targeted approach. Our ability to meet a wide range of customer needs has increased as a result of the high caliber of the products and our trustworthy distribution system. Our successes are the product of dependable alliances and efficient teamwork. For all of your chemical needs, we are your one-stop shop!

Our Trusted Suppliers

We collaborate with the most reputable and trustworthy manufacturers worldwide:

  • PTT
  • Dongjin
  • BASF
  • Mitsubishi
  • Befar Group Co., Ltd.
  • Wanuha
  • Kumho Petrochemical

Our Trusted Suppliers

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