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Isobutanol (Iupac Nomenclature: 2-Methylpropan-1-Ol) Is An Organic Compound With The Formula (Ch3)2Chch2Oh (Sometimes Represented As I-Buoh). This Colorless, Flammable Liquid With A Characteristic Smell Is Mainly Used As A Solvent. Its Isomers, The Other Butanols, Include N-Butanol, 2-Butanol, And Tert-Butanol, All Of Which Are Important Industrially.

Isobutanol Has A Variety Of Technical And Industrial Applications:
  • Feedstock In The Manufacture Of Isobutyl Acetate, Which Is Used In The Production Of Lacquer And Similar Coatings, And In The Food Industry As A Flavoring Agent
  • Precursor Of Derivative Esters Isobutyl Esters Such As Diisobutyl Phthalate (Dibp) Are Used As Plasticizers In Plastics, Rubbers, And Other Dispersions
  • Precursor Of P-Xylene, A Building Block For Plastic Bottles, Textiles And Clothing.
  • Paint Solvent
  • Varnish Remover
  • Ink Ingredient
  • Paint Additive, To Reduce Viscosity, Improve Brush Flow, And Retard Formation Of Oil Residues (Blush) On Painted Surfaces
  • Gasoline Additive, To Reduce Carburetor Icing
  • Automotive Polish Additive
  • Automotive Paint Cleaner Additive
  • Chemical Extractant In Production Of Organic Compounds
  • Mobile Phase In Thin Layer Chromatography.
  • Potential Gasoline Alternative
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