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MP Diol Glycol

MP Diol Glycol

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MP Diol Glycol presents an alternative monomer for the design of new high performance polyesterresins. The diprimary diol possess a higher boiling point than commonly used diols making iteasy to increase processing temperature and output without experiencing yellowing due todegradation. The liquid glycol is easily pourable and can be used as 100% solids without theneed of a diluent solvent. This eliminates the need for a diluent cook-off step prior topolyesterification decreasing the process cycle time. The resulting transparent polyester resinsexperience longer shelf life because of molecular branching which prevents close packing andcrystallization. The resulting resins are comparable to those available from commonly useddiols in resins that are flexible, weatherable, and corrosion resistant. MPDiol can be used asthe glycol of choice in a number of base resins for applications in both saturated andunsaturated polyester resins. Additionally, formulations using these resins tend to exhibit lowerviscosity when compared to similar, more commonly used resin systems. This means MPDiolbased resins, in some cases, can be formulated to higher solids at any given viscosity. This diolcan be used in the manufacture of polyester resins and polyester polyol intermediates for usein, for example, OEM, refinish, and coil coatings, as well as in non-coating related applicationswhere polyesters are used
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